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Day 1 of 100

Updated: Apr 23, 2021


Have you ever found yourself doing something where you have asked yourself that question? Usually that question is asked when something that is perceived as stupid, dumb, crazy, or just unbelievable is about to happen or is happening. Well, I am about to do something that may be considered crazy in America.

I am going to wear the same shirt for 100 DAYS STRAIGHT.

The thing is, the shirt I am wearing is not just any shirt. It's a MERINO WOOL shirt.

Merino wool is sheared from Merino sheep, so it's all natural!

Some features of Merino Wool are

  1. Odor Resistant

  2. Body Temperature Regulation

  3. Soft

  4. Biodegradable

  5. Quick Drying

  6. UV Protection

  7. Durable

  8. Wrinkle Resistant

to name a few! I am wearing a quality shirt.

My 100 days will end on July 17, 2021, since I started on April 08, 2021. Between these 100 days I will be working with kids at an after school program, attending Family and Youth camps, going to Christian services every Sunday and Wednesday, and writing blogs. Along with several other activities. I will be wearing the shirt for most of the day but will change when I go to play sports.

Why am I doing this challenge you ask? Well, here are some goals that I want to achieve from this challenge:

  1. Break out of the cultural mindset of "more is better" by realizing how enough is enough. (What is enough varies for everyone).

  2. Find out if I should fill my wardrobe with just merino wool products.

  3. Find the difference and benefits between quality and quantity.

  4. Get adjusted to doing "crazy" challenges that stretch my mindset and cause me to learn from new experiences that others normally wouldn't do.

  5. Learn to focus less on "trendy" fashion and focus more on what actually matters in my life.

You've probably already labeled me a crazy guy but that's okay, people who do stuff that is out of the norm is usually called crazy. But have you ever thought about the craziness that is found in people that always follow the norm? What norm am I talking about? The norm of buying clothes every new season, the norm of buying clothes for every event, the norm of filling our closets up till the walls behind them can't be seen, the norm of excessive consumerism here in America. I'm not saying you're crazy, I'm just presenting to you the idea of checking both sides of the field before you make your conclusion. :)

I have minimalistic values and the point of minimalism is not necessarily to have less for less sake, the point is to have enough.

I am also a Christian and my minimalistic values is one way I intentionally fight materialism and excessive consumerism that is so dominant in our culture here in America. I am sure there are other ways to do that, this is just the way I have found helpful for me.

The shirt I will be wearing for 100 Days is a Blue Oxford 210 Button-Down Shirt made by Wool&Prince. Others have also done this 100 Day challenge along with the founder of Wool&Prince. See I am not that crazy! Haha. Well, I gave all of my other dress shirts (3) to my local thrift store to make sure I only had one. I’m serious about this!

SO! Day 1 of 100 is COMPLETE! 99 more days to go!!!!!

"We need much less than we think we need.” - Maya Angelou


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