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“Oh! For a heart that is burdened!

”Oh! for a heart that is burdened!

Infused with a passion to pray;

Oh! For a stirring within me’

Oh! For His power every day,

Oh! For a heart like my Saviour,

Who, being in an agony, prayed.

Such caring for others, Lord, give me;

On my heart let burdens be laid,

My Father, I long for this passion,

To pour myself out for the lost –

To lay down my life to save others –

“To pray,” whatever the cost.

Lord, teach me, Oh teach me this secret,

I’m hungry this lesson to learn,

This passionate passion for others,

For this, blessed Jesus, I yearn.

Father, this lesson I long for from Thee –

Oh, let Thy Spirit reveal this to me."

-Mary Warburton Booth


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