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Life Lessons From the Wedding at Cana

Updated: May 10, 2021

The story of the wedding at Cana can be read in John 2:1-10 of the Holy Bible.

1. Invite Jesus to EVERYTHING.

Jesus was invited to the wedding that was occurring at Cana, as recorded in verse two. Just His presence at this wedding teaches us a few things.

  • Jesus will RSVP and show up to events that please Him.

Jesus attended a marriage that was between a woman and a man. This could be overlooked, but it's vital to point out because Jesus does not condone sin. It's important to invite Jesus to EVERYTHING, but if you notice He doesn't attend, then it may be a hint that He is not pleased with where you've invited Him to. There are times when we can be unsure of His presence but we can be always certain that Jesus will not attend if sin or disobedience is involved.

  • Jesus is never too busy to attend the many events that take place daily in our lives.

Jesus being the busy man that He was, took time out of His day to attend this wedding because He was invited. If you take the time to invite God to your relationship, friendships, marriage, job, class(es), free time, fun time, car as you drive, exercising trip, shopping trip, a grocery run, or whatever you may be doing throughout the day, He will make sure to be there. God who manages the universe cares so much about you and He's just awaiting an invitation. Start making it a habit to invite Jesus to EVERYTHING.

2. Tell Jesus EVERYTHING.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, went to Him in verse three and informed Him of the wine running out. Just her five words, "They have no more wine," teaches us some practical truths.

  • Mary went directly to Jesus.

Because Mary had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, she did not have to go through the disciples for them to relay her request. If we have a personal relationship with God we do not have to go through a pope, priest, pastor, professor, parent, or saint to tell Him about our needs. Jesus Christ has opened the way of communication for everyone through a substitutionary death on the cross.

Do you have a personal relationship with God? If not, you can if you ask Him to forgive you of your sins and save you.

  • Mary was simple and straight to the point.

Mary did not beat around the bush. Mary was clear when stating the issue and because Mary was clear, she knew exactly when Jesus Christ met the need. The reason some prayers are not answered may be because of the lack of clarity and simplicity when stating the issue. Jesus cared enough about Mary's request to answer. Jesus cares enough about your situation to answer if you simply tell Him in faith. Whether it's a big concern like what college to go to, what job to take, who to marry, where to move to, how to invest, what car to buy, illness, or a financial need. Or the "small" concerns like the need for groceries, a new phone, new shoes, new clothes, or whatever you may be thinking about, God cares. Start making it a habit to tell Jesus EVERYTHING.

3. Obey Jesus in EVERYTHING.

Mary told the servants in verse five, "Do whatever He tells you." This is the best advice anyone can give someone concerning Jesus Christ.

  • Obey, even when you don't understand.

Jesus instructed the servants to fill six water stone jars, used for the Jewish rites of purification, up to the brim. These were estimated to hold about 180 gallons altogether. The water was probably intended to be used for the cleaning of hands and feet. Mary asked for wine but Jesus was commanding the servants to fill the jars with water. God may be commanding you to do something that is not even in the same category as your initial request. God may be commanding you to do something that will make you look stupid or even funny. Something that may cause the loss of strength (180 gallons is a lot!), friends, a job, benefits, family approval, or even your life as you know it. Just remember the wise words of Mary, "Do whatever Jesus tells you."

  • The change will only come as you OBEY.

Because the servants obeyed Jesus, the water turned into wine. Whatever God is commanding you to do, you must obey if you want to see a change, either in yourself or the situation. The Master of the feast stated that the wine Jesus made was better than the one in the beginning. Jesus, the God of the whole universe, changed the molecular structure of water that was intended to be used for hands and feet washing into something better. Is your life broken and shattered? Are you hopeless and despaired? Is the situation you're in a bad one? Is your prayer life and bible reading dull and boring? God can change you or/and your situation into something better. Will you OBEY Jesus in EVERYTHING starting today?


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