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Pentecost Prayers: Holy Spirit, Truth Divine

Day 4

"Holy Spirit, Truth divine, dawn upon this soul of mine. Voice of God, and inward Light, wake my spirit, clear my sight.

Holy Spirit, Love divine, glow within this heart of mine. Kindle ev’ry high desire, purify me with your fire.

Holy Spirit, Pow’r divine, fill and nerve this will of mine. Boldly may I always live, bravely serve and gladly give.

Holy Spirit, Law divine, reign within this soul of mine. Be my law and I shall be firmly bound, forever free.

Holy Spirit, Peace divine, still this restless heart of mine. Speak to calm this tossing sea, grant me Your tranquility.

Holy Spirit, Joy divine, gladden now this heart of mine. In the desert ways I sing, spring, O living Water, spring!"

- Samuel Longfellow


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