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New Year, New Me?

Updated: May 10, 2021

It's the year 2020. The sun is still rising and setting. Time is still moving forward. The law of gravity along with the 2nd law of thermodynamics is still active. What has changed? Many things. What has stayed the same? Many things. But it's a NEW year. This is a very popular statement in January, "New year, New ME." Have you ever stopped to think, What are people saying? What is the logic behind this statement? What really makes all the difference? Part of the answer is in that statement, “ME.” Many people are making goals, resolutions, and plans that will help them become this "New me." They are not new because it is a new year, rather they plan to become new through the changing, adding, and/or subtracting of habits and decisions. - Some set nutritional and fitness goals so they can feel new. - Some set financial goals so their economical status can be new. - Some set academic goals to acquire new knowledge. The goals set are a means to an end; that end is becoming new. But what if I told you that the popular statement is said in the wrong order? What if I told you, "New ME, New year" would be more promising and hopeful. Think about that statement again. One more time. Do you see how changing the order of that popular statement makes all the difference? The 1st of January is just another day that makes up the whole year, and a year is built one day at a time. What if it was you as a person that was new and not just your goals? There are stories of many people who were tired of the way their lives were and wanted a new identity. I was one of those people and at the age of 16, I was made new in the year 2013. Not only was the rest of that year different but also the years that follow. Remember I told you at the beginning that the word ME is part of the answer? Jesus Christ is the other part of the answer to the question, “What makes all the difference?” I ask you this, and be honest, are you wanting to go through this new year being the same you? “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation: old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NKJV). This Christ is the creator, and He’s the one who can make the new difference in your life this year. With new desires, new goals, new thoughts, a new heart, a new mind, a new heavenly destination to live towards, a new hope, and a new purpose to live, you can have that new year. With honesty and faith, ask Christ to make you new. What really makes all the difference? You being made new by Christ. Me being made new by Christ. “New ME, New year.”


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